Programs + Services

Programs + Services


California Family Health Council (CFHC) supports the delivery of quality sexual and reproductive health care in all health care settings through clinic support initiatives and patient education. As the administrator of California’s leading Title X federal family planning program – the nation’s largest Title X system - CFHC supports the delivery of sexual and reproductive health services for nearly one million low-income women, men and teens every year. CFHC’s STD program partners closely with the California STD Control Branch, county health departments and providers across the state to implement best practices in STD screening, treatment and prevention. CFHC’s teen outreach programs disseminate medically accurate teen focused, youth generated content to help teens make healthy decisions about their sexual and reproductive health and access health services near them.


CFHC also supports the delivery of quality services at health settings across the state and country through the Co-op and California Benefits Alliance Network (CBAN), programs CFHC created to help providers save resources so they can better serve their patients and communities.

Did you know?

CFHC is nationally recognized for developing culturally competent patient and community education materials about sexual and reproductive health and other related topics.

Quality Sexual + Reproductive Health Care is


1. Comprehensive

2. Integrated

3. Accessible

4. Patient-Centered

5. Unbiased

6. Confidential