Current Actions

Current Actions

Tell Congress to Save Title X 

The House Appropriations Committee has voted to ELIMINATE funding for the Title X family planning program. For almost 50 years, Title has provided vital sexual + reproductive health services to millions of low-income and uninsured patients across the Country. Without Title X, many patients would have no access to contraceptive care, pelvic and breast cancer screenings, STD testing or other sensitive services. Contact your Member of Congress and tell him/her to save Title X and restore funding for the next fiscal year.

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Thank Governor Brown for Protecting Patient Choice in Family Planning Services in Trump Era 

On October 7th, Governor Brown signed SB 743 – Freedom of Choice in Family Planning – into state law. The measure will protect the ability of millions of Medi-Cal managed care patients to receive reproductive health care, like birth control and STD testing, from their trusted provider of choice. Governor Brown’s signature reaffirms California’s commitment to protecting and expanding access to family planning services for all statewide, as Trump and his administration limit access for millions of women across the country.

Send Governor Brown a thank you for his support!


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